What is it?

A collective group of independent sales and leadership specialists whose goal is to enhance the professionalism of the B2B sales world




The  Sales Masterminds Australasian (SMA) goal is to collectively bring expertise and thought leadership to the sales world in order to enhance the value salespeople and their organisations create for their customers and clients

Our future vision is that clients and customers will widely respect and trust the sales profession – that they can naturally expect that the primary focus and skill of the salespeople who serve them is to create value for them. Our intent is to assist salespeople to do this by applying domain expertise and insight to influence, lead and challenge for the betterment of their client’s business.



The SMA Masterminds create and present sales content including articles, white papers, eBooks via this blog, key note speeches and seminars – wherever we can in order to assist salespeople and sales leaders to develop their professionalism and to drive success for their customers and reciprocal value for themselves.






Enterprise buying has changed dramatically over recent years and significant investment has been made in developing buying practices, processes and systems. We on the selling side need to adapt and change to respond to this.
The SMA Masterminds has been established to assist you to successfully adapt to these changes









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The 17 Sales Masterminds are all successful thought leaders and/or influencers in the B2B sales and sales leadership world.

Most Masterminds are keynote speakers, authors and leading consultants with a strong following.

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