Bernadette McClelland

‘Conscious Selling' Evangelist
‘Sell On Purpose’ Conference Speaker
Published Author
World Class Sales Mentor and Executive Coach


Bernadette helps you 'do sales' differently.

If you are a salesperson, lead an SMB or a sales team and find you are still transacting deals, can't make yourself stand out, are not making your numbers and want to become even more of a high performer, something needs to change.

Her ‘Sell on Purpose’ Conference Keynote and her ‘Psychology of Selling’ mentoring and faciliatative approach will help you instantly gain 'greater client respect, increase your relevance and step up your results’.

A leading author of the recently published book 'The Art of Commercial Conversations - When It's Your Turn To Make A Difference', she is also a main stage speaker for Europe's largest event for sales professionals - 'Sales Innovation Expo'.

Past sales coach, executive sounding board and facilitator across Asia Pacific for leading performance coach, Anthony Robbins, she also contributes insights for business leaders and salespeople globally, recognised as a ‘Top 50’ contributor to Top Sales World Magazine as well as also being a facilitator for Melbourne's ‘Slow School of Business’.

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Bernadette McClelland

Recomendations for Bernadette McClelland

Tony J. Hughes  Strategic Social Selling Leader, B2B Sales Mastermind, Provocative Keynote Speaker and Best Selling Author
"Bernadette is the real deal; truly authentic and filled with insight and wisdom. She comes from the real world of delivering results while making a difference in the lives of her customers. I'm addicted to her blog posts and she is one of the few I follow in social media. The world needs more female leaders and she is destined for greatness in her field.  Bernadette is the real deal; truly authentic and filled with insight and wisdom. She comes from the real world of delivering results while making a difference in the lives of her customers."
John Symons  Chief Executive Officer at Associated Retailers Limited
"Bernadette is a great Sales Mentor and Executive Coach. She really lives by her own words and models in her book "The first sale is always to yourself". That conviction and thought leadership is infectious. She brings the effortless, quiet, confidence that comes from her deep experience and genuine care in your story. I would highly recommend working with Bernadette as she is one of the few mentors who truly rolls her sleeves up and cares about her client and their business objectives"

Tom Bird Managing Director at Infinity Group Australia

"I worked with Bernadette in the early stages of developing our business and she provided me with a great deal of guidance and direction. Bernadette has great business sense and has the exceptional ability to deliver that knowledge in layman's terms. I can recommend her to anyone who has an interest in expanding their business and developing their customer base."

Laurie Lewis Strategic Sales - Lion Safety
"Over the period I have known and worked with Bernadette I have found her extremely instructive and helpful. She is a very driven and committed individual, providing knowledge and experience of value and worth. Her ability to understand, challenge and give insights into the world of being a successful sales person, makes her a great person to work with."


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