Four Frameworks For forecasting


Jason Jordan (pictured) is without doubt the preeminent thought leader on sales management and I was privileged to meet him in Melbourne at a sales leadership conference recently where we were both keynote speakers. Jason delivered a riveting presentation highlighting the absurdity of most forecasting practices within corporations and the huge amount of wasted time in revisiting forecasts (in some organizations a daily practice!) instead of coaching on opportunities.

Jason is writing a new book and it will contain insights and frameworks for forecasting. He outlined his pipeline and forecasting principles as follows:

1. Sales management to select the right framework:
• Opportunity-based. For longer sales-cycles where deals go through stages
• Account-based. Where accounts have historical stable revenue performance
• Territory-based. For geographic or portfolio based with predicable yields
• Call-based. For transactional selling where results link directly to activities

2. Sales management then applies a formula to the framework based on market conditions, projected growth, anticipated churn, etc.

3. Individual sales people then document [historical] facts and assumptions to rationally provide a worst case, probable and best case forecast

Here is an article published by The Sales Management Association which goes in to greater depth and a must read.

Follow Jason Jordan online and also read Cracking The Sales Management Codewhich is without doubt the best book ever written on sales management.


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Tony is ranked the #1 influencer on professional selling by Top Sales World Magazine and is a best selling author and international keynote speaker. He helps business-to-business (B2B) sales teams modernise the way they sell by 'leading with why' and then embracing social media platforms such as LinkedIn to build strong personal brands capable of creating pipeline and setting an agenda of insight and value. Tony seeks to elevate leadership and professional selling for a Better Business World and has over 60,000 followers of his award winning blog within LinkedIn ( Tony's methodologies for creating sales pipeline and managing complex enterprise opportunities have deliver hundreds of millions of revenue for his clients who include Oracle, Orange Business Services, BOC Gases, Nufarm, Peer 1, and many others. Whether your revenue issues stem from strategy or execution, process or methodology, skills or discipline; Tony can help enable the transformation of sales people and results with a modernised approach to creating pipeline and managing the complex sale.

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