Sales Leadership in the Imagination Age

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Your sales challenge to be addressed

Consider these few challenges for starters:

  • What do you do when the ‘carrot and the stick’ is no longer effective for salespeople?
  • What do you do when ‘command and control’ management is no longer effective from a sales leader?
  • What do you do when your market begins to shrink yet budgets increase?
  • What do you do when there are multiple decision makers involved in one deal?
  • What do you do when you are so overwhelmed with information and choices you no longer know what to do?
  • What is the one chokehold you have in your business, that by addressing it in a sustainable manner, will enable you to attract, engage and retain even more clients, creating a win for them and a win for you?

Once you have identified that gap, ask yourself, ‘is your challenge a process issue or is it a people issue’?

Why it will be valuable for you to attend

Sales organisations have come to a fork in the road where they MUST look at high potential and high performance through the lends of leadership – personal leadership. This leadership imperative can’t be tossed to the side and viewed as a ‘nice to have’ because too many existing training or leadership models that are being relied upon to generate the outcomes businesses need to thrive, and survive, just haven’t kept up with the times. A big call, but ‘performance’ means more than just KPIs, profit percentages or revenue dollars.

We have passed through the industrial era, the information era and we are now in the shared/connection/gig or imagination era, and this VUCA economy calls for a different approach and focus to create competitive cut through and buy in from top talent as well as serious buyers.

Performance, Collaboration, Agility and Innovation, apart from being four researched and proven competencies that organisations around the world realise are what’s needed to embrace today’s challenges, encapsulate a raft of principles, that once understood and adopted, will enable you to lead your team with greater conviction and understanding, creating more alignment with company objectives. It will allow you as a salesperson to stand in your power and lead a conversation that has a win/win outcome and not internalize your role as ‘just a salesperson’ as research also shows, and it will ensure your clients and prospects ‘feel’ that your measured approach is to serve them as you generate greater respect in the market place.

But most of all, it will bring you closer to the much needed sales leadership in this new imagination era by amplifying performance at an integrated level.

A discussion forum will follow with the opportunity to network and share experiences.


This is the sixth and last in the 2017 series of bi-monthly B2B Sales Leadership forums hosted by Sales Masterminds APAC in conjunction with the Strategic Selling Group and our principal sponsor,

A light continental breakfast will be served from 7.30am. Presentation and workshop at 8.00 am.

All previous 2017 forums sold out quickly so register now. Places are strictly limited.

About our keynote speaker



Bernadette McClelland is an award winning speaker at an international level, past APAC coach for Anthony Robbins business clients, author of five books, successful sales executive for companies that include Xerox, Kodak and CA and today is the CEO of Sales Leaders Global P/L collaborating with CEOs of Small and Mid-Size Businesses who believe their baseline for revenue growth is their people, who aren’t making their numbers and don’t know why and who want to differentiate themselves and don’t know how.

Her company’s purpose is ‘to embed real Personal Leadership into the growth strategy of every B2B business, globally, that we touch’

How they do this is through the application of cutting edge tools and brain friendly resources derived from the fields of Leadership, Neuro-Science and Psychology integrating with business pipeline development and process that provides realistic channels, higher engagement success, deeper questioning and more confident messaging, all the while driving double digit growth.


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