Sydney Sales Leadership Forum 2017

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A bi-monthly forum where leading global and local thought leaders will share the latest thinking in B2B sales strategy, trends, techniques and behaviour. A forum where you can share your thoughts and ask questions. Sales leaders, sales managers and professional salespeople all find value participating in these forums.



August 9th, 2017         Cian McLoughlin: “Why EQ, Not IQ, Is The Key To Your Sales Success

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The sales challenge:

‘Apples for apples’ is the expression many customers use when they struggle to differentiate between two very similar products or services. We love to think our unique features and benefits will wow our prospective customers, but more often than not, product and price are simply our ticket to the dance. As the needs of our customers evolve, as new competitors enter our market, it’s getting harder and harder to grow sales and revenue each year.

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October 3rd, 2017         Steve Hall: “Selling to C suite executives ”


The sales challenge:

Everyone B2B salesperson needs to be able to sell at C Level – but few know how. The higher you call into a prospect the more successful your sales journey will be. But the higher you go, the greater the competition for an executive’s attention and time.

“C” level executives are guarded by their Executive Assistants, voice mail, silent numbers and other ways to ward off the unprepared sales person. How can you cut through the noise to secure that critical first meeting or conversation?

And when you do get that meeting, how do you prepare for it and make sure it’s a triumph and not a disaster?





December 5th, 2017         Bernadette McClelland: Sales Leadership in the Imagination Age

24aaeb9The sales challenge:

Consider these few challenges for starters:

  • What do you do when your market begins to shrink yet budgets increase?
  • What do you do when there are multiple decision makers involved in one deal?
  • What do you do when you are so overwhelmed with information and choices you no longer know what to do?
  • What is the one choke-hold you have in your business, that by addressing it in a sustainable manner, will enable you to attract, engage and retain even more clients, creating a win for them and a win for you?
  • What do you do when the ‘carrot and the stick’ is no longer effective for salespeople?
  • What do you do when ‘command and control’ management is no longer effective from a sales leader?

Once you have identified that gap, ask yourself, ‘is your challenge a process issue or is it a people issue’?




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February 7th, 2017         Joanne Black presented: “How to secure a meeting in one call”

joanne-blackThe sales challenge:

The biggest sales challenge for sales leaders and their teams is ensuring a consistent stream of qualified leads and getting meetings with decision-makers. This presentation on referral selling addresses both of these challenges…more.

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April 4th, 2017         Tony Hughes presented: “Creating sales pipeline with combination prospecting strategies”

Tony Hughes

The sales challenge:

Salespeople and their companies are suffering lower productivity (and higher costs)  by reacting to the allure of the silent sales floor.

Digital sales strategies and the ear-tickling allure of ‘social selling’ have resulted in many sales people becoming busily ineffective and neglecting the phone.

more.                                   This seminar sold out two weeks in advance

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June 6th, 2017         Graham Hawkins presented: “The future of B2B sales”

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The sales challenge:

Being successful in sales requires continuous innovation, as all products and services go through an accelerated life-cycle. In an era where buyer behaviour continues to evolve rapidly, sales organisations and their people must adapt to provide buyers with the experience that they now expect and demand.

Interruption push selling no longer works, and salespeople must be equipped with a range of new skills in order to become digitally driven, socially connected, mobile and highly specialised.

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