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October 3rd, 2017:tickets

The sales challenge being addressed

Every B2B salesperson needs to be able to sell at C Level – but few know how. The higher you call into a prospect the more successful your sales journey will be. But the higher you go, the greater the competition for an executive’s attention and time.

“C” level executives are guarded by their Executive Assistants, voice mail, silent numbers and other ways to ward off the unprepared sales person. How can you cut through the noise to secure that critical first meeting or conversation?

And when you do get that meeting, how do you prepare for it and make sure it’s a triumph and not a disaster?

Why it will be valuable for you to attend

If you lead a sales team or sell high value B2B products, services or solutions, you know that many people are usually involved in the customer’s decision process. But the ultimate power to decide whether you make a sale or not resides in the C-suite. Many sales opportunities die because the people who make the final business and financial decision just have not been on board with the business case.

If you can’t gain access to the executive suite ,you’re relying on someone else to make your case for you and you’re at the mercy of changes in policy or priorities. This seminar will explain why it’s critical to sell at the senior executive level. It will show you how to cut through the noise and be noticed. It will give you multiple strategies to get your message to the right person and show you ways to craft your narrative and business case for maximum impact. It will significantly increase the number of executive level meetings you can schedule. Just as important, it will show you how to prepare for the meeting, what to take and what not to take and how to ensure you achieve your objectives to make it the beginning of a successful realtionship, not the end of the line.


This is the fifth in the 2017 series of bi-monthly B2B sales thought leadership breakfast seminars hosted by Sales Masterminds APAC in conjunction with the Strategic Selling Group and our principal sponsor,

A light continental breakfast will be served from 7.20am. Presentation and workshop at 7.50 am.

Register now for early bird discount; places strictly limited. Our last event sold out quickly.

About our presenter

SteveHallSteve Hall is the founder and Managing Director of Executive Sales Coaching Australia and is an Executive Coach and an Executive Sales Coach. Steve coaches his clients in all aspects of success, in business and in sales. His specialty is helping sales people sell to senior executives and:

• understand the issues that C level executives care about
• identify how they can help senior executives achieve their goals
• frame their message so senior executives are eager to speak with them
• communicate their message effectively via the best channels
• schedule significantly more introductory meetings at C level
• prepare effectively for senior executive meetings
• get the best possible results from those meetings
• enter targeted organisations at the highest possible level

Steve is also a gifted corporate storyteller who helps his clients create a compelling vision that will inspire their customers and prospects.

He is an author, a keynote speaker and acts as a Devil’s Advocate, challenging his clients’ ideas and approach to weed out the ineffective ones and make the good ones much more powerful.

He has held senior management positions in sales, marketing, professional services and project management. He has sold products and services worth more than $100 million in over 30 countries on six continents and has worked with Fortune 500, FTSE 100, ASX 100 and NASDAQ listed corporations as well as many smaller public and private companies.


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