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Sales Masterminds APAC – SMA – is a collective group of B2B sales specialists and thought leaders. We all work independently but collaboratively to ensure the effective development and standing of the sales profession.

We are delighted to provide you with our profiles. By clicking on a name you will access the full profile where you can also contact us individually.


24aaeb9Bernadette McClelland

International Speaker and Sales Leadership Consultant – Bridging Corporate Goals and Revenue Potential

Bernadette is an international speaker and sales leadership consultant that works with executives and companies in growth mode looking to jumpstart results by quickly bridging their corporate goals with revenue potential. She is passionate about raising the bar for B2B selling to be more ‘real’ and transparent. (Show More)


Cian Portrait570x618Cian McLoughlin

Win/Loss Guru | Business Author | Keynote Speaker | Sales Consultant & Advisor

Cian helps clients to develop a tailored Win/Loss Review Program to extract specific feedback and sales intelligence directly from the only source that really matters, your customers and prospects. (Show more)




DanSymonsDan Symons

Business Development Professional | Sales Leader & Mentor | Passionate About Helping Businesses Achieve Their Goals

Dan is a passionate sales professional first, financier second. He writes regularly on the art and science of B2B consultative sales. He enjoys working with businesses around their sales strategies and goals. (Show more)



Graham Hawkins4 300x380Graham Hawkins

Author, key note speaker and champion in helping organisations transform the way they sell

Graham is an accomplished author having written two best selling sales books.  He works with small businesses to drive sales transformation in response to the avalanche of change that is facing the B2B sales world. He also works with sales people who are striving to survive in this new, ultra-competitive, customer-led era.





IanLoweIan Lowe

‘Giving’ is the cornerstone of a refreshingly open and authentic approach to selling

Ian’s deploys the unique Go-giver philosophy that offers a formula for success that makes giving value the cornerstone of a refreshingly open and authentic approach to selling. (Show more)



John DeanJohn Dean

Sales Excellence Consulting, Speaker, Board Member

Extensive experience of more than 30 years in Sales, Marketing and Senior Management roles predominately in the IT industry, exceeding targets.

My goal is to add high value during and well after our tenure as measured by our clients. (Show more)



John DouganJohn Dougan

Intrepid Sales Detective and Trusted Advisor to Australian Sales and Marketing Executives

John offers consultancy on sales effectiveness using key investigative skills to understand his customers needs and offers tailored insight in providing relative solutions and desired opportunities. (Show more)



JohnSmibertJohn Smibert

Strategic Selling & Personal Branding for Sales Teams | Keynote Speaker

John loves successful and happy sales teams who are driving positive change for their customers. He coaches sales leaders and sales professionals who are keen to enhance their career. He helps them develop their skills and capabilities and enhance & leverage their personal brand. (Show more)



Keith DugdaleKeith Dugdale

Owner of The Business of Trust I Co-author of Smarter Selling I International Speaker and Business Coach

Keith is passionate about helping people build trust in business. He co-authored the best-selling “Smarter Selling: How to grow sales by building trusted relationships”. (Show more)



Peter StrhkorbPeter Strohkorb

Sales+Marketing Collaboration Expert | International Keynote Speaker | Author | Lecturer

Peter deploys a methodology that helps the Sales force and Marketing teams in medium and large enterprises to work together more effectively to boost sales results. (Show more)



SteveHallSteve Hall

Helping companies to sell more, more effectively at higher margins with less risk

Steve will help you generate demand, engage strategically with senior executives, build a fuller and better quality sales pipeline, generate qualified leads, win new business, sell more to existing customers and make your sales targets. (Show more)



SueB Jan 2016 500x500Sue Barrett

Helping businesses improve their sales teams & sales operations

Sue specializes in helping sales leaders & salespeople improve their sales operations so they can sell more, more effectively at better margins with less risk of failure than they did before. (Show more)



Susan DonovanSusan Donovan

Advanced sales, sales coaching, negotiation and resilience training 

Susan provides customized and advanced  Influence, Sales, Coaching, Negotiation and Resilience Skills Training. Applicable for Sales Professionals, Negotiators, Leaders, Coaches and Team members. (Show more)



Tony-J-Hughes-PR-2015-512x512Tony J. Hughes

Making Sales Leadership Happen. Modernized Selling Keynote Speaker, Facilitator and Best Selling Author

Tony is ranked the #1 influencer on professional selling by Top Sales World Magazine and is a best selling author and international keynote speaker. He helps business-to-business (B2B) sales teams modernise the way they sell by ‘leading with why’ and …….  (Show more)



Wayne MoloneyWayne Moloney

Business growth specialist – Lean Selling Proponent

Wayne is a business development consultant assisting businesses identify and address problem areas and define, develop and implement strategies for success.  (Show more)



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